Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandon

April 18, 1999....12 years old.
How time flies.....

Adoption Day April 12, 2002

5th Birthday Goofball


Brandon, Mom and Dad

At our wedding....Dave, Autumn and Brandon

And Brandon now....12 years old

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brandon flashbacks.....

9 Months old

9 months old

 1 year picture

1 yr old

2 years old
2 year picture

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothin' cuter...kinda wish I had a picture

There is NOTHING cuter than your 3 year old shuffling out of the bathroom, with his pants and underwear around his ankles saying, "mom, I just went poop and there is no toilet paper!". 

Then, as I approach, he turns around and shuffles back into the bathroom and bends over with his head on the ground and his butt in the air, pointing right at me.  He holds that position until I finish wiping his bottom. 

I make him flush and pull up his own pants.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morning at the park

The little boys and I had some free time this morning while Brandon was at his testing so we went to the Sports Complex to enjoy the park.  It was only 45 degrees though so it got a bit chilly.  Logon had to put on Austin's coat that was in the car and Austin had to put his spring coat over his sweatshirt...BUT they had LOTS of fun.


Afterwards we went to L& M Fleet Supply to check out the baby only if I could get Dave to let me have some.  The meat chicks are only .99 Cents each...of course there ain't much meat on them yet!


If you look closely, Austin is trying to "pop a wheelie" on his scooter...

And after spending all winter clearing the snow OFF the driveway, I just wanted to help it melt, so I started shoveling it back ON the driveway.  Of course Austin thought he should help push it around a bit.

Pictures from my short escape

I often forget to take time for myself and then get crabby.  (Just ask the kids!)  Especially with Dave gone 95% of the time...and not knowing anyone close by that I can dump the kids with very often, it gets ugly around here.  SOOOO....last weekend, my mom and John came to town to visit and help out John's dad, Alvin, after he had surgery.  It was also Alvin's birthday so we went out for Alvin's birthday lunch and then I ditched the kids and high-tailed it for Duluth with my friend Abby.

We stopped at Outback steakhouse (where I ate too much food) and then headed down to Canal Park where I took these pictures.  It was a beautiful day, but a little overcast.  Lots of high schoolers showed up at Canal Park to snap pictures in their prom attire.  Hopefully none had an unfortunate "run-in" with a seagall before their big night barely got started. 

I just liked this one for some reason...the light house at Canal Park

Big boat and little boat out in Lake Superior

The lift bridge that takes you to Park Point

Looking up the hill from Canal park

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello, My name is Joanna and I am an addict...

I wonder if there is a 12 step program for this specific addiction?  If not yet, probably soon since I know for sure I am NOT the only one enjoying suffering from it.  I am addicted to reading blogs.  I read blogs about being frugal, I read blogs about other peoples family and children, I read blogs written by single's, married couples rebuilding houses, families of 16 and people that have lost loved ones.  Some are happy, some are really sad, some are eye-opening and some give me ideas or perk an interest in something new.  Then I say to myself..."now if I could just make that and sell it, or now if I could only write and take pictures how she does it....".  Its endless.  And its fun.  Plus it makes me grateful for what I have at times. 

My random list of blogs that I am currently checking in on:  My cousin Shay and his wife and kids  Cool, artistic hippie family living on a farm with chickens  Cool photography and kids (1 with special needs)  Horse blog...shines light on equine abuse, slaughterhouses and such  Lots of frugal writers about every subject  Big, blended family and cool photography  Homeschooling and other stuff...interesting  Just witty and entertaining at times  Sad but inspiring....wife died day after giving birth to daughter

There are more...those are just the most frequently visted ones at this time.  Some are a little bit new, some are old ones I have been following for a year or longer. 

Probably a big fat waste of my time and energy, BUT its enjoyable to me and sometimes I do come away with different ideas for shooting pictures or for making something or cooking a new recipe or just mad as hell.  And yes, sometimes I even cry while reading some.  My mom says crying is good for us though....its helps keep cancer away. 

If you have any blogs you read that you think I might be interested in, please, PLEASE leave me a comment so I can add it to my list. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

L.A. Photography

I occasionally let Logan and Austin take a few pictures with my camera.  I know, I know, dangerous.  But they are usually pretty good about sharing and giving it back when I ask.

 Austin twirling with Logan's bear.
Logan posing. 

Logan's bear, Woody, Iron Man and a couple bald babies. 

Austin with Logan's bear again.  Might be time to pass it down.

Logan taking his own picture.

Not sure who took this one.  Thought it was neat.

I said they are usually good at sharing...this picture tells me Logan was upset and wanted the camera NOW!

Finally, something to LIVE for....

These pictures were actually taken a week or so ago, but LOOK at the lawn without snow!!  The driveway WITHOUT snow!  Its even better now, even though its tried to snow a few times yet.  SPRING!  Lots to do and explore in Spring!

Austin says, "Mom, I am soooo strong!"

Logan will wander around all day, finding big sticks and rocks to collect.

And, of course, bringing the bikes out for some trick riding!

What's for Dinner?

First, we started off with warm chocolate chip cookies.  Freshly baked by yours truly.

Then, chewy ramen noodles, cooked fresh by Brandon with a side of microwaved hot dogs.

Careful!!  Don't drool on your keyboard.

Now time for more cookies.....

 See how Austin attacked his dinner?  Not so much.

Just for your information, we had roast beast with mashed potatoes and gravy last night.  Tonight was Brandon's turn to cook dinner.